duminică, 21 iunie 2009

Vaser Valley train and timetables

The work on heavily damaged railway which runs on Vaser Valley (pulled by "Mocanita" steam train), due to last July floods, is nearly finished.
The train runs daily in July and August, from Viseu de Sus railway station to Faina and Novat settlements, as follows:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: to Novat (Departure 8,30 AM, arrival 12 AM).
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: to Faina (departure 8,30 aM, arrival 17 PM).
The tickets cost:
To Novat-25 RON the adults (6 Euros), 20 RON the students (5 Euros) and 15 RON the kids (nearly 4 Euros).
To Faina-40 RON the adults (10 Euros), 30 RON the students (over 7 Euros) and 20 RON the kids (5 Euros).
Children up to 10 years old will travel for free only accompanied by parents, and those up to 5 years old may travel for free.
Very important!
The timetable is just informative, expect delays!
The number of seats are limitated, if possible, make a reservation in advance.
On Vaser Valley they are no shops (except Faina), the toilets are without running water and the accomodation is difficult to find on your own.