marți, 3 noiembrie 2015

Maramures Christmas Calendar

In Maramures survive the best winter traditional customs still found across Europe.
If you are interested to see them, look below the list of events:

-20 December: "Christmas in Maramures". Event organised at Village Museum, Baia Mare. Traditional costumes, music, Carols, food and drink.
-24 December: "Christmas night". In all villages, children are performing Carols.
-25 December: "Folk play "Viflaimul" (religious play, with people nicely costumed), performed at 12 AM, after the Mass, in Viseu de Sus, Botiza and Ieud villages.
-27 December: Winter customs festival "Marmatia", in Sighetul Marmatiei. The oldest, greatest, most beautiful winter festival-carnival. Thousands of participants, dressed traditionally or wearing devil or animal masks. Starts at 12 AM.
-21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28 December: "Mocanita" steam train, through the snow. In every day mentioned are organised day trips (starting at 10 AM) on the Vaser Valley, from Viseu de Sus town.
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