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2008 Maramures festivals

This year Maramures will host several important events and festivals. Please note that dates may be subject to change.
The Orthodox Easter: 27th April. People go to church in traditional costumes for the midnight (or early morning) mass, taking with them a bowl of Pasca eggs and steak, where these aliments are blessed by the clergy. On returning home from the mass, people first eat some of the sanctified aliments and only then the rest. The pasca is a round shape Easter cake.
Dragomiresti's Village folk festival: 4th May. Traditional music and dance, the town's saint patron (St. Thomas). Folk music and parade of folk costumes.
Tanjaua from Hoteni Village: 11th May. The first ploughman festival, held every spring in this small village. The villagers wearing their traditional costumes, celebrate the most hardworking man (the one who ploughed first his field). He is seated on a small carriage pulled by young men. Pairs of young men carry take on the role of oxen, raising the decorated yokes and pulling the train out to the river. Folk music and parade of folk costumes.
Sieu's Village Folk festival: 17-19 May. Dance and songs singing contest for children and adults. Parade of folk costumes.
Repedea's Village Festival of the Narcissus: 24-25 May. Ukrainian minority folk music.
At the end of May, take place Sighetu Marmatiei's Village Museum Open Day. Good traditional music, dance and costumes.
Ocna Sugatag's Village Festival of the Goulash: 6th June. Hosted by Hungarian community celebrationg its national dish: the goulash; cooking contests.
Budesti's Village Folk Festival: 15th June. Folk music and parade of folk costumes, dedicated to children.
Valeni's Village Folk Festival: 16th June. Traditional music, dance and costumes.
Petrova's Village Folk Festival: 16th June. Other folk festivals are held in June in Borsa, Viseu de Sus towns and Rona de Jos village.
Vadu Izei's Village Wedding Festival: 28-29 June. Traditional wedding rituals, popular costumes, dances and songs.
The Day of Dragomireşti's Monastery’s Patron Saint: 20th July. Pilgrimage to the monastery and its "miracle-working" icon.
Vaser's Valley Festival, Viseu de Sus town: 6-7 August. Dedicated to the German minority.
The Saint Mary Holy Day, Moisei Monastery: 15th August. The most important orthodox pilgrimage from Maramures.
Rozavlea's Village Folk Festival: 16-17 August. Traditional music, dance and costumes.
Round Dance at Prislop, Prislop Pass (1416 m altitude), near Borsa town: 17th August. One of the most important Maramures's folk festivals, with thousands of participants.
Rona de Jos's village Folk Festival: 17th August. Traditional music, dance and costumes.
Botiza's Village Folk Festival: 23-24 August. Traditional music, dance and costumes.
The Village Dance (Breb, Sat Sugatag, Hoteni): 24, 31 August and 7th September. Traditional dances and music.
During summer take place other folk festivals at Crasna Viseului Village, Sambra Oii Pass, Leordina, Ieud, Stramtura Villages and so on.
The Birthday of the Holy Virgin: 8th September. The Saint Patron of Ieud-Deal, Calinesti-Josani and Harnicesti wooden churches. Pilgrimage.
The Campulung la Tisa's Village Grape Ball: late September - early October. Dedicated to the youth of this hungarian village.
Sighetu Marmatiei's Days: late September-early October. Cultural events, beer festival.
Sighetu Marmatiei's International Poetry Festival: 2-4 October. Poetry recital, book releases.
The Ocna Sugatag's Village Grape Festival: 11th October.
St. Parascheva Day: 14 October. Day of Deseşti and Poienile Izei Churches’ Patron Saint.
The Dead's Day: 1th November.The people reconnect to the dead, lighting candles in the cemeteries and offering food to the poor. The legend says that ib this night the dead's souls come back to visit their loved ones. Almost all the towns and villages.
Saint Archangels’ Day: 8th November. The Patron Saint for Sighetu Marmatiei Orthodox Cathedral, Rozavlea and Stramtura wooden churches. Pilgrimages.
Saint Nicholas Day: 6th December. The Saint Patron of Budesti Josani and Susani, Bogdan Voda, Glod, Feresti and Cornesti wooden churches. Pilgrimages.
Viseu de Sus's Winter Customs Festival: 14th December. folk costumes and traditional performances typical for Christmas and New Year.
Marmatia Winter Customs Festival, Sighetu Marmatiei: 27 December. A very important (40 years old) festival celebrating winter traditions in Maramureş. Big carnival parade: hundreds of costumed and masked people from Maramures villages and other regions, horses and children sing carols and perform traditional winter plays.

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