duminică, 22 martie 2009

The 2009 Maramures Festivals Calendar

Please note that dates may be subject to change

26th April: Dragomiresti's Village folk festival: 4th May. Traditional music and dance, the town's saint patron (St. Thomas). Folk music and parade of folk costumes.
10th May: “Tanjaua” from Hoteni. The first ploughman festival, held every spring in this small village. The locals wearing their traditional costumes, celebrate the most hardworking man (the one who ploughed first his field). He is seated on a small carriage pulled by young men. Pairs of young men carry take on the role of oxen, raising the decorated yokes and pulling the train out to the river.
24th May: Sieu Village Festival.Dance and songs singing contest for children and adults.
8th June: Traditional Dance at Valeni Village.Traditional music, dance and costumes.
8th June: Budesti Village Festival .Folk music and parade of folk costumes, dedicated to children.
30th June: Barsana Monastery Celebration.
19th July: Ocna Sugatag Gourmet Festival. Hosted by Hungarian community celebrationg its national dish: the goulash; cooking contests.
15th August: Moisei Monastery Pilgrimage. The most important orthodox pilgrimage from Maramures.
16th August: Dance at Prislop Pass.One of the most important Maramures's folk festivals, with thousands of participants.
25-27 September: The Baia Mare’s Chestnut Festival, try to bring something new every year in order to attract people: pop, rock and folk music concerts, book releases, art exhibitions, folklore spectacles, sport competitions etc.
The First November: The Dead’s Day.The people reconnect to the dead, lighting candles in the cemeteries and offering food to the poor. The legend says that ib this night the dead's souls come back to visit their loved ones. Held in every village.
27th December: Sighetu Marmatiei’s Winter Customs Festival.Big carnival parade: hundreds of costumed and masked people from Maramures villages and other regions, horses and children sing carols and perform traditional winter plays.

4 comentarii:

Bendis spunea...

Thanks very much for sharing this information here; I am really interested in joining the Dance at Prislop therefore we'll seriously be considering aquick trip to Romania in August!

Adela Ulici and Teofil Ivanciuc spunea...

Warmly thank you for your appreciations!

cabiria spunea...

Hi There, I am going to Romania this December and I am very interested in the Winter Festival. I am thinking of basing myself in Sighetu. Does the festival happen in the city or around? Do I have to make special arrangements to see the festival, or just being in Sighetu will get me to it? Thanks a lot.

Adela Ulici and Teofil Ivanciuc spunea...

Hello Cabiria,

The Winter festival from Sighet takes place in the town. You just have to be there in 27th of December, and you will be welcomed. If you wish to get pictures, it will be quite hard, they are many photographers around. That's all.
All the best