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UNESCO's World Heritage List: The Maramures wooden churches

UNESCO's World Heritage List: The Maramures wooden churches

In Maramures are found eight wooden churches inscribed in 1999 on World Heritage List. They deserve a visit, even some of them are not easy to find, due to the lack of street signs. Be prepared to search a while for the key (ask for the priest -"Popa" in Romanian or the key- "Keye") and don't forget: you can't take pictures inside of Maramures UNESCO's wooden churches.
-Barsana "Jbar" Church. Not to be confused with Barsana Monastery, situated at the other end of the village!It was erected after 1711 (the moment when the timbers were felled). Beautiful paintings dated in 1806. Under restoration since 1997, so, it can not be visited at this moment. The wooden and glass icons and some panels are displayed at Barsana's Monastery Museum. See the cherubs covered by eyes.
-Budesti "Josani" Church. The log structure was firmly dated from the winter 1642-43. Under restoration since 2008. Paintings by Alexandru Ponehalschi, from 1760-1762. Other attractions: some wooden icons painted in XV century, the Pintea the Brave outlaw chain mail (XVIII century) and the flag of Francisc II Rákóczi, a Hungarian ruler (XVIII century). In the courtyard, a megalith used in 1586 for some pagan rituals!
-Desesti wooden church.. Erected in 1780, painted by Radu Munteanu in the same year. Fully restaurated and visitable.
-Ieud "Deal" Church. Built between 1611-1621, painted by Alexandru Ponehalschi in 1782 (the frescoes are under restoration now). Lovely cemetery around.
-Poienile Izei Church. Built between 1604-1632, impresive frescoes depicting the Hell and the Last Judgement datated in 1793 (by Master Gheorghe).
-Plopis Wooden Church. Built in 1811, painted in same year by Master Stefan). See the Apocalypse.
-Rogoz Wooden Church.. Erected in 1661, painted in 1785 by Radu Munteanu. Regard the "horse heads" from the outer walls, interesting carvings on wood.
-Surdesti Wooden Church. Built in 1766, painted in 1783 by master Stefan. The tower is 54 meters high and the entire church, 72 metres! See the interesting tombstones from the cemetery.

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Hello all of you.
Best news: the restorations at the UNESCO wooden church from Barsana are finished, so, the church is ready to welcome visitors.